Why Good Ergonomics Matters for Learning

Ergonomics for office spaces is something that is always spoken about and given importance to, due to long seating duration and the ill-effects it could have on the health of employees. What is often neglected, especially in India is the importance of seating ergonomics in schools. A recent survey shows that over 83% of school […]

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The Future Learning Environment

Just like millennials, GenZ is disrupting the way learning happens in schools and educational institutions .Gen-Zers, who haven’t seen a world without technology, can be great learners if the teaching methods and strategies adopted can meet their unique needs! A GenZ student entering school or college today are over reliant on technology and has 24 […]

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Retail fixture strategies for better shopping experience

Have you ever wondered what the first impression of your store is when a customer walks in? What is it that drives browsers into buyers, buyers to repeat-customers and these repeat-customers into loyal patrons who turn out to be influencers of your brand?

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Open Office for Accel

15 Feb 2018 |

The administrative floor of Accel Partners has our new office system in an island configuration with a row of cabins along one side. A suspended white float ceiling is offset against the dark grey ceiling slab and beams. A storage wall allows most of the general storage to be located here.

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Prototype Development for new Marks & Spencer concept

8 Feb 2018 | Retail, Shopfit

The team from Marks & Spencer came to look at prototypes of store fixtures developed by Dovetail for their new store concept, displayed in our large and airy prototype display area in our studio. Over 40 designs were developed into prototypes and the team had come to evaluate the feasibility of the design

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Euroshop 2014

1 Mar 2014 |

There’s an energy to retail that’s infectious; like a stage to entertain and stimulate, not ‘selling’. A new generation seems to be taking over, that is having a whole new story. Things are more subtle, they open up to your engagement, not in your face.

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Mission sofa for the Designstore

29 Aug 2013 | furniture, Home

Shown here is the Mission sofa collection designed by Bani Singh and Janak Mistry – this retro collection is available at our Designstore outlets – also shown in the classic Spring chair by Cecille DeSille. For more details see our home furniture range.

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Debenhams store at Orion Mall – 2012

15 Dec 2012 |

Dovetail’s shopfit team developed custom designed fixtures for the Debenham’s store at Orion Mall, Bangalore, in all of their categories ranging from apparel to cosmetics, bed and bath to home and other accessories. This project was completed in early 2012 and remains one of Dovetail’s showcase projects.

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Soak, an exhibition designed by Trapeze featuring the work of architects and planners Dilip DaCunha and Anuradha Mathur. The design required a modular grid system to be developed on which acrylic panels and backlight boxes could be suspended.

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