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Live in elegance and style. Enjoy being complimented for your home, for if you choose from our range you already have a keen eye and an artist’s intuition for furniture. Our furniture is crafted lovingly to become an intrinsic and beautiful part of your living space, to be enjoyed and admired equally by family and friends.


Our dining room range has a clean, contemporary and a homely language. Our experience and an eye for detail helps us create furniture that invites you to feel the smooth finishing and warmth of the wooden table top in its natural form, rubbed down and polished to a gleam . This is complemented by glass and stainless steel which adds sophistication.


Our entire range for bedrooms is a well-designed and precision coordinated ecosystem. Create your own space solution from our storage bed for compact spaces, low height beds for clutter-free rooms, practical metal beds for utilitarian purposes to wooden beds to add warmth, TV units, chest of drawers, a tucked in study table to create a personalized comfortable space.

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Experience Center

A large multi-level brightly lit experience centre is the perfect stage to showcase our new furniture and fixture samples. Come visit - we'd be happy to show you around.

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