The National Centre of Biological Science (NCBS) was set up by TIFR in 1997. The laboratory furniture was designed in such a way that each piece could be configured differently, enabling each scientist to have a personal touch even to the extent of the colour combination.
Our designers spent time with the research scientists to understand their individual requirements. In all, over 20 research labs were designed. The furniture elements were made at the factory and then assembled on the site later. Dr Obaid Siddiqui, an eminent scientist, remarked that the laboratories were as good as any he had seen in the world. Using robust mild steel frameworks, granite and laminated board, the lab furniture is colourful, cheery and durable.
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NCBS has a large resource centre spreaded over three floors, for which we designed and made a classic system of library furniture, using a palette of stained green MDF, maple veneer and silver metal. The contemporary modern furniture includes bookshelves, reading tables, magazine racks, library carrels, lounge chairs etc. The colour scheme and materials add to the feel of the monumental space that the architect had conceived.
NCBS Library  
NCBS Library
NCBS Library
Three lecture halls were designed and executed, with special seating for sitting long hours in comfort, and acoustically treated surfaces were panelled in solid wood. Each hall was on a different floor – the ground floor was the biggest, the first floor was smaller but with a palette attachment for writing, while the top floor had tables and chairs. A seminar room and lounges with relevant functional furniture was also created in this building.
NCBS Lecture Halls

Furniture and storage spaces for students and faculty housing was also designed and built, using a teak and black combination. This includes the classic Soho and Arc chairs, bunk beds and the Soho study table. Cheerful laminates were used for the robust dining hall tables, and complemented with red and orange string chairs.

The client is still being serviced by Dovetail today – we are still designing their new laboratories, maintaining the old furniture, even setting up exhibition structures. The relationship continues.