A person with good taste desires beautiful things in the environments they spend time in. Products are bought carefully, so that they have their appropriate place in the scheme of the way a home has been visualized. These objects have a value that resides both in the way they look and in their viability of usage.
We believe that the furniture that you surround yourself with at home is evocative of your aesthetic expression, and that is important to you. Furniture is not
buying the cheapest product that satisfies the function, but is an investment into
happiness at home. Therefore, each piece of furniture that we design and manufacture has a unique name and personality, and we believe that each will find a resonance in someone’s heart. At the Designstore, our designers will help you choose and customise the right ones for you, and can also design your entire home.
We also have a long standing association with many designers outside Dovetail who contribute with their designs that we manufacture. These designers share our love for furniture and share our philosophy of delight and practicality. We also have great relationships with architects and interior designers who share our sensibilities and
collaborate with them on projects to create some new and exciting environments.
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