That means we can talk to your designers and understand your brand positioning and merchandising, work with your operations managers to value engineer the design for maximum cost benefit, liason with your project team to generate bills
of quantities from layouts and run them through production and have them installed at your multiple sites on time.
That’s dovetailing. A seamless fit of design, engineering, production and logistics. Not one after another as is normally done, but all at the same time. So you get all the issues resolved in the solution simultaneously, optimising design with value engineering that makes the fixturing manufacturing friendly, cost effective and easy to install.
And if you’re a multibrand store looking for generic shopfit solutions for all your categories, our catalogue of fixturing makes that very simple. Talk to our designers and engineers, explain to them your store positioning, merchandise density and budget, and they will put together the ideal combination for you in a few days with a bill of quantities and costs.
As for our capability to deliver, we have in house capability in composite technologies - board, wood, sheet metal, mild steel, stainless steel, painting & polishing, upholstery. That means we can convert our engineering drawings into prototypes quickly and ready to run with the manufacture once you have approved them.
That’s how we integrate design happiness with serious manufacturing, for shopfit.
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