The process was usual – take the brief and requirements, understand the specifications, prepare all shopfit drawing for approval, locate the correct materials, work out the correct production processes, fabricate prototypes for approval, execute the manufacture and installation.
The challenges, however, were unusual. For example, we recall the bewilderment when we were first told that “the white is 2% off”. It took 6 months and 20 rejections to match the required shade of white in laminate, automotive paint and powder coating. Other challenges in getting the finishes right on the samples, involved feedback like “the brushing in is too hard” and “the clear glass is not clear enough”.
Another such challenge we faced was to give the same look, feel and function with alternative or readily available material. Other material oriented challenges were first acquiring a good and consistent quality of less used material; be it large masses of 8mm thick stainless steel sheets or veneers with consistent grain structure and texture, and then working on them.
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Processing Challenges
The concept had a few elements which did not fit into the category of usual sizes. For instance, the denim display unit is more than 1800mm long and looks as though it has been made out of a single SS panel. Further interrogation shows that it is a thinner SS Sheet, which wraps around an equally large panel of wood. To begin with, raw material is not available in such sizes. Added to this, even if one acquired SS Sheets in such sizes, the Bending machines either do not accommodate this or doesn’t bend it completely.
Finally, we bend 2 sheets separately and precisely, to finally weld them together. Our finishing team ensured that post completion, no one ever guessed the trick.
As exciting a material an 8mm thick SS Sheet is, it is equally challenging to process. We realized, one can work ‘on’ it better than they can work ‘with’ it.
10 men, 2 weeks round the clock, is what it took to get the belt fixture raw material. How we finally gave it the C- shape is another story.
Prototyping & Integration

Finally, the time had come to put it together in our studio.The design, engineering and prototyping team came together. Although several rounds of re-doing had already happened to perfecting each individual element, it was far from being ‘seamlessly integrate-able’. It took almost 2 more months to do so.
While we found ourselves lost a lot of times, what bound us together was a strong resolve to breakthrough. Our engineers, for instance, spent 3 months preparing shopfit drawings to get them cleared for production. Prototypes were redone time and time again to achieve the correct quality. The resolve was to prove that the Dovetail capability to develop and execute could achieve a global parity.
The fixtures were produced, carefully packed, crated and transported across the country, to all their stores in modules, to be then reassembled on-site.

To date, Dovetail has completed 10 stores for the brand across the country.