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Innovation and creativity converge with value engineering in our design studio where product development and prototyping happen as a seamless process to galvanize mind to market time frames. New original designs are a key differentiating factor. The company has historically evolved around its strengths in design. Four designers from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, promoted the company originally and this core strength has stayed with the company since inception. Increasingly, the company sees itself growing with design capability and design sensitivity as its core..

A combination of high tech machinery and composite technologies along with a tradition of skilled craftsmanship in our 2 acre campus enables us to manufacture high volumes with consistent quality. Lean manufacturing techniques keep inventories low and offer a high degree of customization. Over the years, the company has gained experience in managing an end-to-end solution for its large customers. We are able to understand customer requirements, source the required product both through our internal production facility or outsourcing it and in the process ensuring quality.
A country wide network of installation teams and transport providers provides rapid installation at multiple sites simultaneously.