Need for strategic infrastructure planning in colleges and educational institutes

Classroom design, auditoriums, laboratories, seating arrangement, etc. are crucial elements of a learning environment. Classroom design and aesthetics such as seating arrangement, furniture settings and interior design have a major impact on a student’s learning and thus the outcome. Why does infrastructure planning matter? Poor building conditions such as dark classrooms with no proper ventilation, […]

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Top 5 Retail Turn Offs

Retail in today’s world has become more competitive than ever with most players being present on multiple platforms – online and offline. This calls for small retailers to pull their socks up in order to be able to keep up with disrupting trends. Hence, it becomes extremely important for retailers to keep their customers delighted […]

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How retail stores can adapt to the age of e-commerce

Over the past few years, the customer demands have changed remarkably. This change has forced retailers to mend their methods of selling – which in turn has led to a rise in e-commerce stores. Although there is a notion that there has been a decline in sales for companies which only has physical retail stores, the overall […]

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Indian Retail Experience To Be On Par With International Standards Via Shop-Fit

The retail industry is a place where change is the new constant. Globally, the retail sector has been undergoing a revolution of sorts that is driven not only by the fast-changing consumer preferences and behaviour patterns but also advances in technology. Foreign and domestic retailers operating in India too have started taking steps to deliver the next unique experience […]

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Intelligent Design by ‘Dovetail Furniture’ for School & Institutional furniture

With an ever-expanding curriculum for students today, School facility is now a vital part of the learning process. As institutions that are built to last forever, it is necessary for schools to accommodate a lot of transformations in the constantly evolving educational world. Physical space is a crucial aspect of learning. A diversity in managing […]

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How built-environment must be learning friendly.

An institution is envisioned for a long time to come; it is the legacy of the founders to posterity. A lot of thought goes into articulating the philosophy and values in the formulation of an institution, which defines how the culture of the institution will develop. The architect gives a form to the buildings that […]

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Why Good Ergonomics Matters for Learning

Ergonomics for office spaces is something that is always spoken about and given importance to, due to long seating duration and the ill-effects it could have on the health of employees. What is often neglected, especially in India is the importance of seating ergonomics in schools. A recent survey shows that over 83% of school […]

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The Future Learning Environment

Just like millennials, GenZ is disrupting the way learning happens in schools and educational institutions .Gen-Zers, who haven’t seen a world without technology, can be great learners if the teaching methods and strategies adopted can meet their unique needs! A GenZ student entering school or college today are over reliant on technology and has 24 […]

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Retail fixture strategies for better shopping experience

Have you ever wondered what the first impression of your store is when a customer walks in? What is it that drives browsers into buyers, buyers to repeat-customers and these repeat-customers into loyal patrons who turn out to be influencers of your brand?

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Open Office for Accel

15 Feb 2018 |

The administrative floor of Accel Partners has our new office system in an island configuration with a row of cabins along one side. A suspended white float ceiling is offset against the dark grey ceiling slab and beams. A storage wall allows most of the general storage to be located here.

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