Open Office Modular Furniture for Accel Partners

15 Feb 2018 |
Open Office Modular Furniture Design ideas

The administrative floor of Accel Partners has our new office system in an island configuration with a row of cabins along one side. A suspended white float ceiling is offset against the dark grey ceiling slab and beams. A storage wall allows most of the general storage to be located here.

The wooden floor of the cabins extends beyond the glass partitions, as does the internal float ceiling: seeing the grey ceiling slab and beams increases the visual volume.

The modular office furniture system is cheerful, airy and practical, with green pin up panels and white glass panels for writing. The space below is clear, and there is ample storage between two workstations.

Handcrafted paper lamps add warmth to the cabins along with the wooden floor: the workstations are understated, clean and have plenty of storage.

A large storage in modules along the end wall stores most of the administrative paper files and equipment, integrating the window and a pantry counter.

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